eBaracus signs up as offical power systems partner for forumula student


iMeche FS + eBaracus 

= A partnership to power your potential


eBaracus are delighted to announce our partnership with iMechE Formula Student to deliver race ready, pre-approved energy systems for competition.  eBaracus are now the OFFICIAL ENERGY PARTNER for the series and provide teams with access to pre-approved energy systems for their vehicles.   

The eBaracus team has worked extensively, assisting electric race teams across the globe since 2008. From running the FIM Electric World Championship: building complete vehicles for competition to key drive-train components, we have seen our customers podium in numerous competitions.  Over the last few years more and more teams competing in formula student across the globe have utilised the expertise of eBaracus; recognising the need to use professional grade energy systems in their designs,  allowing teams the freedom to learn and build whist vastly reducing the risk of failure and disappointment. 

eBaracus are delighted to officially be working with the Formula Student organisation to apply our real world experience in making learning safer with greater reliability.  Together we remove the pain, the high costs, and the uncertainty that come from building your own power pack. 

Working with the technical inspection team we will be providing all Formula Student electric race teams the opportunity to obtain a power pack designed exclusively for the FSAE rule set.  We incorporate OEM grade chemistry from leading manufacturers giving teams reliable and dependable energy storage and release for cycle after cycle; season after season.

Founder of eBaracus, Azhar Hussain MBE commented:  "Our energy packs are the ONLY pre-approved solution to all iMechE Formula Student entrants giving you, your faculty and your sponsors peace of mind and the chance to focus on delivering your potential to the track. Working with iMechE is an exciting opportunity for us to continue working with motorsport teams across the globe, advancing technology and developing safer systems for all"

Jon Hilton, President Elect of iMechE and Chairman of the Formula Student organising committee added 

“Formula Student has led the way in developing the next generation of engineers and our new partnership with eBaracus to provide pre-approved energy systems allows the competition to be even easier to join.  Pre-approved energy systems will allow our electric teams to focus on the vehicle build and remove the challenges in securing reliable and safe batteries."  

The next generation of motorsports just got that little bit more accessible... Why not CLICK HERE to get in touch to see how we can help.



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