Formula Student


eBaracus have been assisting Formula Student teams across the globe since 2009 by delivering reliable energy systems for them as well as suppling technology that otherwise would not have been available.  We are extremely pleased to formalise tour partnership with iMechE Formula Student, and in doing so move our operations from what has been a substantial behind scenes support into an integrated programme for the next generation of engineers.

Working in partnership with iMechE Formula Student as the official energy systems supplier to Formula Student; We have both invested in an important step towards helping make the process of being part of future automotive a little easier and a whole lot safer.  The advantages are obvious:-

- PRE APPROVED BATTERY SYSTEMS.    No rushed build, incorrectly integrated BMS,  potentially catastrophic faults. Our system will arrive to you sealed with pre approved pass.

- RACE READY.  Designed and built with approval from the rule and scrutineering committees,  you know your battery packs will be built to meet the rule book and propel you to faster learning. Your team, faculty and sponsors can be safe in the knowledge that your power systems will pass through scrutineering process without issue and not stop you competing when you need. 

- OEM GRADE CHEMISTRY.  We have worked with world class manufacturers and technology specialist over the years to bring you the safest systems from the  worlds leading suppliers.  

We are here to support your learning by taking away the pain that comes with build, management and transport of high energy storage systems. Come and join us to find out more.


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